Saturday, November 28, 2009

Croatian #21

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

hey there folks - happy thanksgiving to everyone who is american and happy start to the
holiday season....hope everyone had a fun black friday.....and tasty thanksgiving....and
time off for those who got it :)

i am well...this will be a very fast update as not much travel-wise has happened for me....
croatia is decorating itself for the holiday season and with advent starting tomorrow the
xmas booths have gone up and my favorite chocolate covered gingerbread booth is back!!
yummy....we also have our xmas sausage and mulled wine places back and things are
getting is crazy busy and things are quickly moving toward the longer
winter break in three weeks....

so you might be asking travel for dani....what the heck???? well here's a
little story....the travel i was supposed to take to serbia for speech and debate was
cancelled due to H1N1 in this part of the world....many international schools actually
had to close for a period of time and therefore we did not go....

and then things here became difficult....
my good friend and travel partner suffered a brain aneurysm a few weekends ago....and
luckily she survived and looks to be recovering without many side effects....may even be
back at school by february..she is a more travel adventures affected....we
were supposed to be in portugal in the moment for thanksgiving....but obviously that did
not work out....and i have been dealing with expedia and lufthansa for the past three weeks
fixing the freakin has not been fun or easy....may never use expedia again...
don't care about their reduced means really sucky customer service.....

so that is my story......some of you were asking about me last time and what i am going to be doing next year.....

me.....hmmmmmmm.....things here are okay and i am not really working to find a
i have tentatively accepted my contract....but not definite... i have not really looked at
jobs for next year too hard...i did apply directly to seven places....
and have heard back from most as a because i am not married....two places
because i will not be at a fair... so that's where i am....i will look over things in the next
week and make a final decision in the coming two weeks...but it really looks like i will
be here....i am not soooooo excited about that....but such is just may not be time
for me to move i have an "admin" title with my job this year and one more year
in this position would look that is where things stand.....

that's the quick update i have for folks....i am not going to send out another one before this
years holiday card....but i did feel like i had to let folks know i was alive and well....just
not traveling....i have included a few pictures from graz, austria....we were there yesterday
for black friday - it is sort of becoming a croatian one else is celebrating, so
it's a quick drive up to ikea and their xmas market to start the holiday shopping season
we had a wonderful day and the weather was snow this year...and we
returned to a fantastic sushi place - conveyor belt....very i have included
some recent shots from around zagreb....the first is from the very large outdoor market those chili peppers...the next shot is for my friends from bucharest times....
this spider is what the croatian's use effectively to deal with people who don't park
correctly on the streets...there are about ten of these trucks that constantly roam the
streets and pick up offenders...its amazing!!!! the next two shots are from the major
cemetery here....mirogoi....all souls day happened again and again it was covered in
candles....simply stunning....but before that there were chestnuts on many of the graves...
which i just loved.....and then finally the pictures from graz....these are not from this year
but sum up our trip from yesterday quite well....tasty shopping and awesome
xmas lights and booths in their xams market.....the last with some of the
young wine here in croatia....they have a celebration just for when they can open the
bottles of new wine here and we went and celebrated.....yummy!!!!!

so i wish you all a very happy beginning to whatever holiday you celebrate.....

for those in the philly area....i will be in town for a short time & drinks will be happening in
mckensies in malvern or somewhere in king of prussia on december 27th....will let you
know more soon on that one....if you are interested in joining in the fun, please let me
know with a preferred place to meet of those two....i am thinking some time around 7pm....
so after dinner....til whenever they close :) come have a drink and catch up :)

talk soon....peace out.....

Have a fab day :)


"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder."

~ Ralph W. Sockman