Sunday, February 21, 2010

Croatian #23 - Budapest & Prague

February 21, 2010
hi there folks....well, i am sitting here watching the olympics on eurosport & have become
a bit addicted....i love the euro TV stations & their coverage, they do not talk as much asthe states people and provide coverage of all sports, not just ones americans are good at!
it's funny how i become addicted every two years concerning the olympics.....maybe you
do too......

sorry it has taken me some time to send out an update, but things have been busy and
i haven't been traveling much....we got a bunch of snow here in croatia, nothing like the
east coast this year, but it was quite gloomy and snowy....and drivers here do NOT do well
in the snow...we finally had a day of sun today and i am hoping that continues for a bit..
all the gloomy weather has been hard to handle....we'll see what happens....

the pictures this time are mostly of prague, where i was this past week.....a lovely
european city....but lots and lots of tourists, even in february....lots and lots of students hear english everywhere you's a tad bit frustrating....but if you are looking
for the quintessential european town....prague is it....beautiful buildings, excellent beer,
quaint walking streets, lovely bridges, amazing doesn't get any better....

the first two shots though are from budapest at night....i was in budapest for a work
conference....what a place to go....stayed at an amazing hotel, had a great conference for
middle school teachers and it ended with a casino boat cruise on the danube at night....
if you have never been to budapest, i can't recommend it's cheaper than
western european countries/cities and it has tons of baths and hammans,
excellent buildings, and fun night life.....its a great place...

the two pictures of budapest (because i didn't get out of the conference much) are from
our boat cruise on the danube....the first shot is the chain bridge....simply stunning at
night and the second shot is of the parliament building....quite possibly the most
gorgeous of all buildings in the cities it!!!!!

and then onto prague....i was excited as i toured the castle and cathedral and also did
a jewish quarter self tour....two things i wanted to do....had some tasty food - indian
especially - because you can't find that here in croatia.....and some amazing beer....what
the czechs are known was a great visit :)

the first two shots are of the cathedral up on the castle grounds....this cathedral is
amazing inside and out....the first shot is the back of can see the difference in
architecture styles....its cool the way it fits together....the second shot is my favorite
stained glass window inside of the cathedral....

the next two shots are also on the castle grounds...i got to see the changing of the guard,
it was pretty cold outside so the band actually was playing out of the windows of the
building behind the group - that was kind of neat....and the fourth shot is of one of
favorite sculptures ever....not really sure how to interpret it....but its just cool in my
opinion....what do you think????

the next shot is taken from the castle as well....over the wall behind me you can see the
city of pretty....a closer shot is the next one....i am actually along the main
river and am looking at the charles bridge....very famous....the sixth shot is of one side
of the charles bridge....the tower on the end of it.....

and from the bridge i headed toward the main square....the next shot is of the famous
clock in main square....every hour on the hour when the clock chimes, jesus and the
apostles pass by the windows you can see at the top of the clock....i like the beauty
and colors of the clock, as well as the skeleton along the right side that rings it's bell
for the number of chimes of the's amazing...and always very crowded.....
the next shot is also in main square....the buildings in this town are stunning....i could
have sent many more, as i took lots of pictures....but i didn't want you to get bored...

the next two shots are some of my favorites from the old jewish cemetery....just amazing
how old it truly is....some of the stones are well preserved and they actually are required
to keep the state of them in good condition.....although, due to the people packed in to
the small area, some of the stones are leaning quite was very cool to walk
thru this space in the snow....good mood for walking thru such an old cemetery.....

of course prague is also known for the second to last shot is one the main
statues of the author....just a really cool statue....and its across from my favorite beer hall
where i stopped in for a drink and a you can see from the last shot....very
tasty and warm indeed, the pretzel and place, not the beer.....

hope you enjoyed the tour of prague.....a beautiful place, with nice folks and fun
things to see and do....a great place to start a european vacation....very easy to visit,
not much culture shock or discomfort and stunning to look at....get there :)

my next stop is kiev, ukraine....i am headed there in a few weeks for basketball with the
middle school girls....i am not sure we will compete well, but our team has heart....always
a plus....i am hoping i get out to see some of the city, as i have never been there....i
hope to have photos for you in the next update.....

hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying their winter or summer season.....drop a
line if you get the chance and say hi....i have been trying to answer emails that are sent
as not many folks send them anymore....seems like facebook is making email less
and less important....crazy that....if you are on facebook, i will probably post more pictures
there....come be a friend if you choose :)

hopefully next time there won't be such a big wait for an update....but thanks for being
patient....peace out.....

Have a fab day :)


"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder."

~ Ralph W. Sockman