Saturday, October 15, 2005

Thailand - picture testing

hey there all...just trying this and will write more later in the day from a cheaper place...but i wanted to see if i could get pictures to post...the first three are from places around bangkok...the first is of the bungalow i stayed at on the beach on ko samet island...the second is of the view of the beach i was on...only two bungalow places...its rocked...the third shot is from the old city of was the original capital of thailand...this is from wat mahathat...which of course is a temple dedicated to buddha...there is something striking about the buddha head in the roots of a banyon tree...don't you think...and the last shot is me feeding an elephant in chaing mai...on a very eventful trip...but more about that later....doesn't it look like the elephant is smiling....hopefully this will work... and o hope everyone is well...more on thailand sooner rather than later...and if the picture thing works...i'll addd them to my past entries as soon...

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CHunkey said...

Damn Dani D,
Minus Taiwan, you and I are doing the same damn trip. It was good to read about Thailand and Cambodia- as Erika, Harry, and I came from Bangkok went through Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and are in Sihanoukville right now. Then Harry's leaving and Erika and I will be travelling around Thailand for another month.
We're havin'fun and laughin'hard at the attempts of Westernization which I wish these people would just stop trying to do. After all, we came here to experience their culture and food, not burgers and pizza all the time.
Well, I'll keep in contact(better than I have been, anyway). And I appreciate the advice for Egypt and that area; I'll be there in just over a month.
LOve the blog, keep rockin'!
-Your "other friend" CHad