Monday, January 30, 2006

Hello from PA....

1/30/2006 - 11:30am
hey there all...well folks have been requesting more i will try and get some on the blog in the next two weeks...i do have some shots from home i thought you might enjoy :) i have already been up to NYC and NJ and am headed north to Boston in two weeks...this time i am headed there for a BIG job fair to teach send me some good vibes from Feb 13th - Feb 16th...i promise to let you know where i am headed, if i am headed, come july/august time...i am currently looking carefully at two schools in china, a school in taiwan, a school in the philippines, a school in morocco, a school in nigeria, one in kenya and one in seoul, plus a few other spots, including NYC...which i know is not overseas :) we'll see what happens....i promise again to let you know...enjoy the shots from PA....more soon

this first shot is a merging of my worlds in little italy, this picture you can see my friend kelly from the south pole stint, my friend and past housemate lea from when i was in seattle, and my friends and past housemates bel and luis lucas from when i lived and taught in ecuador....the meal was delicious and the hanging out with folks was a blast :)

in this shot you can see my dad and bro getting ready to use one of the christmas presents i brought home from egypt....we used apple flavor tobacco and experienced what it would be like to sit in a tea house in egypt....what a fun time :)
in this picture you see me with my long-time friend from high school ted ridgway and his wife selene...we got to hang out when they came to PA over the holidays and enjoyed some tasty indian food together :)

this is a pre-party party shot from my good friend susie's birthday fiesta...aptly named the "i'm fabulous, your fabulous" party....can you guess which one is the birthday girl :) we had a great time hitting a bunch of hot spots in philly....happy birthday rock star you!!!!

and this last shot is of me with the x-mas hooka present for my dad and i look like a pro??? my mom said i did....hope everyone is well and happy...i'll be adding more travel pictures to the site soon...enjoy these for the moment....and keep in touch :) peace out...dani

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