Monday, March 13, 2006

Thailand Shots

3/13/06 -
hey there folks...dani here...sorry it has been so long since i last wrote...but things in my life the past month have been a bit hectic...folks are still asking to see more here are some from chaing mai in thailand...none of these are my very own mine were erased from my disk when i was in egypt...but slowly i am putting some together from friends i met along the way and other friends i know who stopped there and went to the same places as me...enjoy the shots...

here is a shot of me with a wooden elephant in chaing mai....there were tons of these all over the country...i really loved them....
this is a picture of rusty and tyler hippchen from alaska...i hung out with them and crista, who is taking the picture, the entire time i was in chaing was cool to meet other fun americans who were traveling throughout northern thailand...and tyler won the hearts of every thai person that came in contact with him :) it was wild.... this one is of crista and i cooking at the thai chocolate cooking school...we didn't make anything with chocolate, but we sure made some tasty thai treats...yummy!!!! this last one is of me...with some of the finished products from cooking of the best things about cooking classes in thailand is that you get to eat of the worst things about cooking classes in thailand is that you get to eat about being full when the day is over...whew...we made about 8 different dishes...and all of them were yummy!!!

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