Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hell Has Frozen Over!!!!

Can you believe its APRIL already!!!! i cannot believe how fast time is moving these overwhelming...well, you might wonder from my title what the heck i am talking about concerning hell and all that...a friend of mine from college got was the theme of the group that went to the wedding...the boston crew was in full force for the wedding...and most of the crew was without spouses and children...can you say CRAZY weekend!!! and the first night of it was over st paddy's day...1st off...jason busch was the man of the weekend...and his lovely wife katie is GREAT!!!! jason is one lucky man...katie rocks!!!! the wedding itself was beautiful and well orchestrated and well attended and a whole lotta FUN!!! from the golf ball that threatened to interrupt the the dancing to jimmy everyone at the wedding referring to our table as the boston "drinking" crowd...we were mostly women who came to honor jason and katie from our good ole days in beantown...and what a time we had :) below are some shots from the excellent event....enjoy them...we sure had a great time during them....more updates soon...
This first shot is from St Patrick's Day in a bar where we were the youngest of patrons....and we did our six rounds of shots to keep everyone happy...but Jason, the man laughing in the middle, also known as the groom was home relatively early and definitely was not plastered...who knows what kellie is saying or why she is pointing, but i bet it has something to do with hell and it freezin over :)

I love this shot of katie and jason and their yummy cake from the wedding, i realize this does not show off her gown, which was beautiful...but i just love their faces in this one...i am sure if i asked, you could put a caption to this!!!!

This is a shot of the boston crew and the man of the hour....otherwise known as jason's harem...everyone is showing off their new duds...and can you believe that weather :) it was incredible...and perfect for a wedding...and i have to say, i was very happy to be the only woman wearing feet and legs were happy as well the next day...unlike some folks'...tee-hee...

this was the cute 23-year-old boy bartender...his name was pasquale..."damn you pasquale"...he realized early on in the night that we were the women he needed to keep you can see from another round of shots the boy made...what a funny, funny time....


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