Monday, October 02, 2006

pictures from bucharest

10/2/06 - here are some more shots from the city i live in...the first is of the romanian version of the arc de is is called the arcul de is actually bigger than the french version and that is because of the dictator who was in power here until not that long ago...he wanted parts of the city to be beautiful...but only with what he considered to be many of the old traditional romanian buildings were torn down during his rule so he could build buildings that look like ones from elsewhere...he was a pretty evil guy...but many dictators are i guess...his name is Ceausescu (pronounced chai-chess-cu)...i am sure i will bring him up every now and this is a fresh wound for most romanians over the age of 15 years old...anyway, enjoy the arcul...

some folks have been asking about the religion of romania...the majority of folks who live here are eastern orthodox christian...and boy do they celebrate when there is a wedding or birth...they are really big into fireworks for those celebrations...which can be good or bad...depending on if you are trying to sleep and its three in the morning or you are out for a walk and catch some cool show of is a shot of a traditional orthodox church that is located around the corner from my apt...beautiful...doncha think :)

and now for some shots from piata unirri...the street with all of the's me with the fountains...someone described this as a stern picture...not what i was going for...but such is life :) this street is really busy and a HUGE round-about with the fountains along the inside...most of bucharest is made up of round-abouts to drive on....jersey was great practice for this...although jersey drivers are MUCH better than bucharesti drivers...shocking, but true...

here is another shot of the cool street...the fountains and the ads and the buildings surrounding it all...its quite a busy place...but i really like it :)

...its just such a nice touch...okay...that's all that seems to want to post in the way of i will need to continue this at a later i am tired and am going to crash...hope you enjoyed this installment...have a good one :)

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