Sunday, November 19, 2006

Budapest 1

11/19/06 - holy entire month has just about gone by since my trip to budapest and since my last update...incredible how time flies and you have no idea where it has gone....oct was a rough month for me...not really sure it is always like that...but i made it thru and now things are sweet once again....and my friend Wendy gets here i am trying to catch up on some stuff so i have more time to play while she is in town...hence, my blog here's a great place...the food, the weather, the just rocked :)

this is the view from the apartment friend catherine and i was a great of the cooler things about budapest is everything has a inner courtyard...very civilized...the aprtment itself was stages of remodel...but it was cheap and served its purpose quite well :)

here is the beautiful st. stephen's basilica in downtown was a stunning church and you can climb to the top of the was an amazing view and very "spirally" climb...but the view made it worth it...

this is one of the beautiful shots of the very intricate ceiling, just incredible artisan work here...and i am sure it cost a pretty penny at the its priceless! okay...blogger says no more pictures here...update 2 from budapest is headed your way in a moment....

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