Saturday, September 16, 2006

School pt 3

9/16/06 - on with the school slide show...kind up is the interior of the cafeteria...there are four hot lines for food....a line in the back with sandwiches...although i have never seen such tiny sandwiches....and a place to buy ice cream and junkfood...most kids buy lunch from school and for the most part its not that bad...although romanians have a hard time understanding why people are vegetarians...we do have a salad bar everyday...and most of the time its great...sometimes there are foods on there i don't know...but for the most part its green salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, white bean paste salad, called fasole - its really good and a puree eggplant salad...called venite...also quite tatsy...overall the food is good and we usually have fruit for dessert...and its you can't beat the price...i have been told the food gets a bit bland in the winter, just like most things here...i'll keep ya posted on that one :)

down the hall from the cafeteria is the library and then the theater...i haven't gotten a good shot of the's the library though

after the library and theater you come to the atrium region, which is the interior of the front of the school...a beautiful area that has all of the flags representing the nationalities of the students, parents and faculty who are part of our community...

i was told that the pillars of the atrium were white until last year when a teacher rebelled and painted one purple to give the room some color....that was not a good choice of color i guess...but now the pillars arre orangish...which is more colorful than white...i guess it was a compromise :)

in the atrium is where you will find the slide and the atm...its the entrance...what do you expect :)

part four up next :)

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