Friday, September 08, 2006

School pt 1

9/8/06 - hey there all...sorry its been a long time since i last updated...but life has gotten quite busy at the moment with school and week i head out into the "wilds" of western romania with the 8th grade....its a week long outdoor ed trip...but we really only are in the outdoors for one evening...but it should be a blast anyway...i am sure i will have some things here are motoring along...i am still alive after more than a month with these crazy drivers...but now that i am about to start my fourth week with the kiddies...i am finally getting around to talk about the school...i have realized i don't have a shot of the front of the school...i never go in that way as my classroom is in the i will get one of those shots one of these days...but the shot below is of the secondary building...where you can usually find me...

the first floor is where the middle schoolers (6-8) can generally be found and the second floor is for the upper schoolers (9-12) and then there is a third floor art room which is a great room with horrible acoustics....we had many meetings before the beginning of school up there...but its a great room classroom is the right back corner...and you can't see it in the picture above...but below is a shot of my room from the outside :)

doncha love the little porch like thingy off my side door...the kids and i have used it many a time...especially in the most recent lab i am running...we are exploring how much the kids know about the metric system and how to measure everyday things with of the things they have to measure to is the gazebo, which is located in the center of the school is surrounded by all of the parts of the school and if we have a school wide meeting or event and its not raining, we meet out there...

the head of the school is from NYC and so this central portion between all of the buildings is referred to as central park...its a beautiful spot...lemme tell you notice the weather in the pictures??? it has been like this for most days...we had a few cold days in a row, but they lasted only for a few teaching partner has decided that romania has some of the most amazing clouds in the world...i'll see if i can get some shots of them....okay...more pictures will follow...blogger has had enough with this update :)

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