Sunday, June 15, 2014

#10 - Shanghai, China Reasons

hey there my last ten days here in Shanghai, China, i am going to post my top ten reason why i will and will not miss china....i hope to get one on the blog every keep your fingers crossed...

#10 - Reason why I will NOT miss Shanghai, China
 China is NEVER quiet....and really it is hard to find a spot with no people....

Crazy Nanjing Road on a Friday or Saturday Night

Yu Yuan during Chinese New Year!!!!

#10 - Reason why I will miss Shanghai, China
The street art in China is awesome!!!! 

Me & Einstein

American Leg

People waiting for the bus - like in Seattle!!!!!

The one that lets me know I am almost home to my apartment!

Praying Mantis.....

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Tina Bui said...

Ok, so far, so good: I agree with both! Keep them coming. This is like hearing the Top 20 Countdown on the radio as a kid, (RIP Casey Kasem) but over 10 days! Best wishes and try to keep calm in the days leading to your exit. :)