Friday, July 14, 2006

Alaska ROCKED my world!!!

if you have never been to need to get there...this was my second visit and it was spectacular in oh so many ways...mostly due to the cool folks who hosted me in my stay up there and especially my friend's janet and beau....janet let me hang my hat at her place for a few days in anchorage...where we were mellow and caught a movie and read a bunch...she lives next to the busiest sea plane landing lake in the was cool to walk around the lake and check out the sea plane action....she also took me all over anchorage...we went to an overlook and through the town and below are some pictures from that portion of the trip :)

this shot is of janet and i overlooking anchorage from an area just below blueberry hill...lots of clouds...which is what happened for the majority of the trip...but i enjoyed myself anyway...below you see a picture i took for my parents...when we went to alaska a few years back, my dad and i took a picture with this bear...i thought it would be cool to take another one...

another cool thing we did in town was a "planet walk"...anchorage had set up the sun and all of the nine planets in relative size and distance from each other through the town...also in town was an art project to raise money for anchorage using slamon...kind of like the pigs in seattle and thdonkeys & elephants in washington dc....i loved the salmon was done by local school kids...gotta love the message :)

later in the trip, beau and i met up with janet and another friend from the pole...mary...she was up on kodiak island doing research on sea lions...well, trying to do research...seems like an animal rights group was trying to put a stop to the methods being used by scientists to study the sea lions...i hope she got to do some counting and such...her job sounded way cool...below is a picture of the three polies who had breakfast together...

after my time with janet...i headed off into the sunset with my ggod friend beau...beau and i wintered together at mactown on the ice in the winter of 2005...its soooooooo weird to think that last year at this very moment i wa son the ice...i think beau has the same seems like a lifetime ago to me :) below is a picture of beau from the "solstice" festival in moose was really small...but this hat made up for everything...gotta love this shot...he was trying for a "mullet" look...i think he succeeded...i will continue the alska story in the next update...this one is getting long....more's beau....


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