Thursday, July 27, 2006

my last three weeks in the states

7/26/06 - back again with the pennsylvania part of my update...although i will try and post the picture of the gang from the won't let me....who knows why....maybe someday this will work for me smoothly....ugh....on with the PA show...

the first person i got to visit with and say goodbye to was my cousin ann...she just bought a condo of her own on the outskirts of norristown and i wanted to check out her new digs...very cute and there's a had dinner at this tasty local italian was a fun time
a week later i was hangin in a bar with a bunch of folks saying a local place called the flying pig...and even though everyone there was local in one way or another, most people did not know each other before the night was a great time....below you see sue, me, joe and lane - sue and i worked together...joe and sue are together....lane and i did ice time together in mcmurdo....

some of the other cool folks who showed up were kenny and joan...kenny and i met through playing volleyball when i was waiting to get to antarctica...and his wife joan i met as an added bonus...both of these folks are way cool :)

and the last shot from the flying pig is of friends of mine from high school...jim and was a treat to have them come up and meet some of my other friends from around the area who did not go to school with us and of course is was terrific to have them come out and play :)

i have also been hanging out with family while i have been home...and although my camera broke down, there are a few pictures i got before it died...the following shot is of my dad, my aunt terry, my uncle tony and me....we had a delicious meal together that my mom made of ravioli.....yummy!!!!

okay....that seems to be the end of what i am allowed to post for i will continue this again...i have more pictures to add...but i think they can wait until until then...hope all is well and keep on truckin....

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