Friday, July 14, 2006

some previous pictures....

hey there folks...i am back in PA again...after five weeks away in the pacific northwest...and let me tell you...i DID NOT miss this humidity...ugh...and i hear a heat wave is hitting this weekend...just perfect....but i should be inside working on my stuff that is being shipped on monday....however...i wanted to try and attach some pictures here that just don't seem to want to attach on the correct here goes...

this first picture is a better picture of my penguin tatto...which i am extremely pleased with and most folks who have seen it live and in person agree that it is very me....i LOVE it!!!! below is a picture of a BU mini-reunion we had at heather's graduation see a whole BU crew, plus spouses and was a great time, even if it did rain all afternoon!!!!

and the final shot is of the BU sistahs going out for breakfast the next was a wonderful time with never ending coffee and diner style food...and how can you beat a diner on long the picture are heather, jen, sally, kellie, cynthia and me!!!! what a blast :)

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