Sunday, August 27, 2006

Brasov - pronounced bra-shov

8/27/06 - hey there all...well i am back...and have just finished a great weekend...although the one weird thing is that yesterday marked my ONE YEAR anniversary for leaving the ice....crazy that only a year has flown by....seems like more time has passed...and i have done so much...and now am in romania....just insane :) i talked with my friend bill over skype in honor of the how time flies :)

anyway...i realized i still have not finished explaining my trip to transylvania, which happened three weeks ago now...people still have not seen my bathroom or bedroom and no one knows what my car looks like....wowowowowow...i am just far is the town we stopped for a rainy lunch on the way back to bucharest from transylvania...what a quaint town...even if it was pouring....i was told they had the best hot chocolate on the of course i was game....

can you say fantastic!!!! it was like drinking liquid chocolate....yummy :) perfect for a rainy day...this town also had a great town square with lots of little shops and restaurants to try....i will definitely be headed back there again... i loved the fountain in the center of was a splash of modern in a european town.... this town is known for its gothic can see it poking out behind the fountain in the shot is referred to as the black church as it was in a fire and parts of it still show the burn marks and such...i didn't make it into the its just another reason to head back to brasov....below is the shot of the front doors of the church.... brasov has also taken its cue from hollywood and has a big brasov sign up on the mountainside looking down on the town...i have been told you can take a tram up to it and take pictures or you can hike up to it or down from it....again...something to save for the next visit :)

okay...i think this now covers my trip to transylvania, the first weekend i lived here...i am just far behind...more in the next update :)

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