Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How to contact dani in romania...e-mail, snail mail and skype

8/1/06 - here is the post i sent out recently on e-mail on how you can contact me...drop a line when you get the chance as i would like to hear how everyone is doing....track me down and catch up :)
hey there folks...well, its that time....i am headed to romania this wednesday and am scheduled to be in bucharest teaching at the american international school of bucharest for the next two years....school years that is...i will be teaching 7th and 8th grade science and am really excited to get back into the classroom....i will be teaching in english, although i plan on learning romanian (which is a cross of italian and slovak)....
people have been asking how to track me down and first off, my e-mail will NOT be changing...so you can always get me there....
secondly, you can always check the blog for the latest info at:
thirdly you can get me via snail mail....there are two different ways to send things...letter mail and package mail...here are the ways to mail me....PLEASE be sure to follow the directions so i can get your mail in a timely manner and don't have to pay an enormous amount of $$$$ for customs :)
For regular mail, letters and flat mail, the address is:
Dani DiPietro
The American International School of Bucharest
Sos. Pipera-TunariVoluntari, cod 077190
Judet Ilfov
If you plan on mailing packages to Bucharest, whether small or big, please use the following address :
American International School of Bucharest/DiPietro
Sos. Pipera-Tunari 196
Comuna Voluntari-Pipera, cod 077190
Judet Ilfov
It is important that there is no mention of my entire name (ONLY my last name after the School's name)....this is REALLY important for customs and such....so please, please, please use the last name only!!!!
As a general rule every package is liable to custom charges! If the value of the package you send exceeds exemption limits of $25 USD, the goods become subject to duty charges ! In this case custom clearance is required and i will have to pay custom charges for sure! Packages sent by mail with a value of less than $25USD are not normally liable to customs charges...but i was told that this is not always the case...but if you send something for lower than $25USD i have a better chance of not paying customs stuff....in the end unfortunately the local customs decide what item is liable to custom charges or not...gotta love the postal service :)
as for what to send...well...i am not sure what i will need or want and will put anything needed in the updates i will be sending out...which will be happening via e-mail and on the blog, just like when i was on the ice...please let me know if you would like to be removed from the mailing list...no hard feelings...i promise :)
finally....i decided to become a person who can use their computer as a phone and am joining the skype revolution....if you have skype, do me a favor and send me your skype out number....
mine is :
for those of you who don't have skype....don't fret...we can chat anyway...but if you do get skype it will be a free chat on both ends...it means you need a headset with a microphone and skype on your computer, it kind of makes you feel like a telemarketer....but i digress...imagine
if you don't have skype...no worries...i bought a PA area code phone number...for the next year....which means if you are calling from PA (610, 484) it should be a local call to me in romania....for those of you outside of those area codes...it will be equivalent to calling me in PA...crazy huh....but in the end, i'll really be in romania, talking to you on my headset that is connected to computer...and it has voicemail...so if i don't hear the computer ring or i am out, you can leave a message...how cool is that!!!!
here's the number you can call me at:
and i will have DSL in my apartment, so this should work close to when i arrive in romania and get all hooked up...how cool is that...and you can use a lan line or a cell....so there you have it....the ways to get in touch with me....which i hope you will do...
remember i love questions about places i move to...and i'll answer them in the updates....which will hopefully be coming out every two weeks or so...this time though my job might be a bit more demanding...so it may be every three weeks...hope you understand...
one more thing...if you would like to check out the website of where i will be teaching...here's the address you can go to :
finally...i will be living in bucharest in a 2BR apt....so consider this your personal invite to come and visit....some folks have already set dates....so if you decide this is for you...please let me know when you want to come...
so there you have it....i just wanted to say quickly, thanks to all of you who met up with me somewhere for sometime while i was in the states this time around....it was great to connect and hear stories and see the new additions and new houses, etc...be sure to drop a line every now and again to let me know you are alive and all that :) enjoy the rest of your summer....and thanks for being part of my story...
talk soon....on with the next big adventure for me....YAHOO!!!!!!

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