Thursday, August 17, 2006

Transylvania part 4

8/17/06 - this should be the last update of i still need to cover brashov from the trip to transylvania...there is just so much to see and talk seems that woodworking is an artisans trade here and i saw a lot of woodwork...embroidery on tablecloths and such and some lace work too...BUT...i have heard that glasswork is really one of the hugest exports of i am hoping to find some good glass pieces...i'll keep ya are some funky masks made from wood that were at one of the stalls in the market

in in places all over romanian...there are many buildings that are in states of disrepair and other words there is tons of construction on old, impressive looking place, like this old church in the middle of seems like folks are doing all of this construction for romania to become a member of the EU in should be interesting to be able to watch that from within this country...

the next shot is of some of the folks i am working with...almost everyone in this shot is from the states...BUT i am also working with canadians, south africans, aussies, kiwis, brits and romanians...its a very interesting group of folks...many of whom have lived a lot of other places will be fun to get to know them and hear their stories...and here is the cat that was picked the castle that is... more pictures will post concerning i guess thi is the last one above....i am hoping i get back out to bran and hang for a mellow weekend at some i really enjoyed myself, its only about 5 hours away from bucharest and there is supposed to be great skiing and snowboarding the area...could be a blast...doncha think...hope everyone is well and i'll be back over the weekend with the final update about the trip i took a week and a half soon

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