Sunday, August 13, 2006

Poland shots and the first of the Romanian pictures

this first shot of me was taken in the warsaw airport...we took this after waiting around for about two hours to get all of our things straightened the trip the next day to bucharest and the hotel we were headed to...and such...this was taken about 2:30pm in the at this point i probably had been traveling almost 24 hours...with NO SLEEP!!!!

this shot is of "old" town was a beautiful, clear night and many folks were out and about shopping and eating and relaxing...i loved the square and had some tasty gelato while walking around it....we walked through about 8 squares like this one...they were great!!!

this is the final shot from the uprising monument...all the little points of lights on the steps are was stunning to see this at i said below, we were there two days after the anniversary of the was incredible....

here's a shot of me the first night i am in bucharest...the new faculty and staff all got together to celebrate everyone making it finally to romania...there are 27 of us...and the woman to my left is catherine, the other middle school science teacher who is new :) we went to a lebanese restaurant that was quite tasty :)

the building you are looking at here is my apartment building...i am on the first floor in the back and actually overlook a garden, which is quite peaceful...unfortunately i don't have a balcony as many here do...but overall i am really liking my space so far....

this is a shot of my furnished living room...this couch actually pulls out into a double bed...for all of the guests planning to come visit :) its the only room with an air conditioner...very nice, doncha think :) okay...i hink that's all the pictures blogger will put up with...more shots of the apartment very soon...hope all is well :)

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